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December 13, 2019 • By Luban Sms

By using the services of Luban Sms, you are placing your trust in the way we treat your information. We understand the importance of this responsibility and are committed to protecting your information and putting you in control.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete your information.

Since this is an Internet product, some of the concepts mentioned below are slightly technical. We will do our best to explain in a concise and understandable manner. For your understanding, we have summarized the definitions of some key terms in this clause, and we welcome your questions and comments on this policy.

We collect information when you use Luban Sms

The registration of this website only requires you to customize the user name, password and retrieve the account of the secure mailbox, do not need your name, date of birth, ID number, biometric information, address, telephone number and other information, this website in addition to the user name, password and secure mailbox submitted by you, will not collect your other personal information.

我们收集的信息包括 唯一标识符 、浏览器类型和设置、操作系统、网络信息。我们还会收集您浏览器同 Luban Sms 服务进行互动的相关信息,包括 IP 地址 、崩溃报告、系统活动以及相应请求的日期、时间和 引荐来源网址

When you use the Luban Sms Service, we will not share your personally identifiable information (meaning information that can identify you, such as name or email address) with our partners who provide advertising and analytics services.

In order to count the number of visitors, websites use Google Analytics as a statistical platform, Google Analytics is an analytics tool that helps website/app owners understand how visitors interact with their website/app. The tool uses a series of cookies to collect information and generate statistical reports of website usage, but does not disclose any personally identifiable information about visitors to Google. The main Cookie used by Google Analytics is the "_ga" Cookie. You can learn more about Google Analytics cookies and privacy information here

In order to maintain the stable operation of the website, we will analyze the server logs. The server logs are saved for 6 months.

We use a variety of technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, local storage (such as web storage using a browser or application data caching), databases and server logs.

By visiting our website, you agree to these terms.

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